Elevate your team's experience

Improved employee

From self-service portals for accessing payslips and managing personal information, to mobile-friendly interfaces for clocking in and out. Empower employees to take control of their work schedules and payroll information, and foster a positive work environment.

hospitality payroll and hr software

Every employee has access to all their information and I’ve got access to all their requests.

Marty, Director Chichester Restaurants

hospitality payroll and hr software
hospitality payroll and hr software

Enhanced compliance

Automate award interpretation to ensure your business remains compliant with complex wage and hour laws, penalty rates, and industry-specific regulations. Reduce the risk of costly errors and penalties associated with non-compliance.

hospitality payroll and hr software

I feel it’s been so easy to use, payroll is just much more efficient now, and with Microkeeper I can split out the cost of wages into its various departments which allowed us to understand the cost of our payroll much more effectively.

Robin, GM Chichester Restaurants

Advance reporting
and analytics

Reports allow businesses to track key performance indicators, analyse labour costs, and identify trends over time. Gain valuable insights into your payroll and workforce data with advanced reporting and analytics tools.

hospitality payroll and hr software

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hospitality payroll and hr software


With rostering and timesheets in one place I can see the overlap. That means when approving timesheets I can tell when staff was rostered on and the timesheet that was entered, or not entered, in one screen. Approving is easy that way, and if there’s a timesheet missing I can manually add it really, really fast.

Chichester RestaurantsSarah, Operations Manager