Payroll Software for easy compliance

payroll software

Payroll Management Systems for automated pay cycles

Automate payroll calculations with precisely registered timesheet data collected with our time and attendance tools.

payroll software

Compliant Award Interpretation

Our softwares uses your business’ specific payroll rules 
to guarantee wages are paid correctly and calculated with compliance.

payroll software

Employee self service

Give staff instant access to payslips within their Employee portal, as well as the option to submit leave requests, accept or decline shifts, add employee details, etc.

Speed up Payroll with our all-in-one
payroll software solution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is superannuation?

Yes, you can try us for free for 30 days. Our friendly team will work with you to get you up and running as soon as possible.

How often do employers pay employee super contributions?

Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.

What is the role of employers when it comes to super contributions?

We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time and we’ll refund you the difference already paid.

What is super stapling?

At the moment, the only way to add additional information to invoices is to add the information to the workspace's name.
Who is Microkeeper payroll right for?
Microkeeper payroll is extremely powerful and customisable for any type of business, industry and size. From small business' with simple payroll requirements, to enterprise business with complex payroll conditions, multiple awards/EBAs and 1000's of employees; Microkeeper can handle it all.
Is Microkeeper payroll STP compliant?
Yes! Microkeeper is one of first payroll software that was STP phase 2 compliant.
When is the right time to switch payroll provider?
With STP phase 2, it's now easier than ever to switch payroll software. There's now no need to switch at new financial year. Switch whenever it's right for your business.
How long does it take to switch payroll systems?
Switching payroll software is different for every business. Microkeeper understands that switching new systems can be a daunting process, so we're here to  help assist transition to our software that is tailored to your requirements and needs. See HERE for more information.