Online employee time tracking software

Timesheets don't have to be a struggle. Microkeeper is cloud based time and attendance tracking software, offering a comprehensive list of options to track performed hours and generate accurate timesheets.

Tracking time and location for employees and contractors has never been easier.

  • Accurate timesheets based on actual clocking data  
  • Real time attendance reporting
  • Multiple locations, roles and jobs in one app
timesheets software
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All time and attendance tracking tools you'll ever need

timesheets software

Facial recognition time clock

Eliminate buddy punching and timesheet fraud with true facial recognition. Microkeeper analyses biometric features to automatically clock on/off the correct employee. It's a completely touchless process.

timesheets software

GPS location tracking

Record the whereabouts of employees whenever they clock in or out with location tracking. Geofencing prevents staff from clocking on or off outside of a specific GPS location.

timesheets software

Seamless payroll integration

Having an all-in-one solution to rosters, timesheets and payroll means your accurately captured time and attendance data is automatically exported to our payroll module, saving you time.

time and attendance tracking software

Employee time clock app

Remote or on location, we have a one-touch employee time clock that works via their Microkeeper account on desktop, browser, web and iOS or Android mobile app.

time and attendance tracking software

Attendance reporting

Get a deeper understanding of your team's attendance and compare expected hours in their roster with performed hours on their online timesheets.

time and attendance tracking software

Easy absence management

Get a quick, live overview of the clocking status of your team members from wherever you are. Leave can be requested and approved from within our app too.

Australia's standard for integrated timesheets and payroll

online timesheets software

Synced Payroll


Location Tracking



time and attendance tracking

Real-time Reports

timesheets online

Easy Shift Review

Time tracking for accurate payroll

Clocking worked hours digitally with our timesheets software, mobile app or hardware options means there is less room for staff to record inaccurate start and end times of their shift. Pay runs will more closely match the hours worked, with less chance of over or underpayment. Microkeeper automatically links timesheet data to payroll, making the process fast and seamless.

  • Actively discourage time theft and buddy punching

  • Automatic payroll integration, easy import into accounting software

  • Easy to use time tracker, creating fewer user errors

time and attendance tracking software
time and attendance tracking software

GPS location tracking

Microkeeper offers an easy-to-use timesheet software for travelling jobs, like sales reps and delivery drivers or for businesses with multiple or changing locations, like commercial services. With location tracking turned on, the GPS position of employees will be recorded when they clock on or off. You'll also be able to restrict clocking unless staff are within a certain radius of a specified location of work.

  • Keep track of employee location when they clock on or off

  • Location-based time clock system enables geofencing

  • Google Maps integration lets staff use navigation to work location

Timesheets software
for accurate reporting available in real-time

Looking for workforce time and attendance tracking systems? Wondering if your timesheets software needs an update?

Microkeeper's online time tracking solution provides several options to accurately and securely create timesheet data.

Choose an employee clocking method that suits your business and you'll be on your way. You can even use different methods for different areas of your business.

Our timesheets app and online timesheet calculator offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, with no need to manually add up hours or compare the timesheet to a roster.

Online time tracking with inbuilt pay rules will change the way you take care of business.

Our time clocking solutions work for staff and contractors, making it easy to pay both wages and invoices accurately with Microkeeper's cloud based payroll software.

Biometric solutions for time and attendance tracking

When it comes to speed and security, there's no better solution than biometric time and attendance software.

Using our facial recognition option or fingerprint scanners, clocking on and off can be done within seconds, literally - making it a great option for large businesses with high volumes of employees that clock on at the same time.

timesheets software

Easy shift review and approval

Clocked hours are presented in a clear overview, so assigned managers can quickly notice the difference between hours that were rostered compared to the ones that were worked. Managers can approve shifts fast and easy. Want to add another layer of automation? Our system can automatically approve timesheets that line up perfectly with the rostered shift.

  • Quick and easily review shifts wherever you are

  • Easy to use across desktop and mobile devices

  • Automatically approve shifts that line up with roster

Time and attendance synced with...

timesheet calculator

Online timesheets calculator

There's no need for anyone to manually calculate hours worked. Our timesheet calculator will automatically take care of all the counting and add up the total hours worked and take into consideration relevant salary and pay rules, break rules, tax, super and other contributions. Quickly and easily.

  • Track employee hours, overtime and all relevant rates

  • Track hours by job or task for staff and contractors

  • Get an easy indication of costing to your business

Real time reporting

Microkeeper offers an easy-to-use timesheet app for travelling jobs, like sales reps and delivery drivers or for businesses with multiple or changing locations, like commercial services.With location tracking turned on, the GPS position of employees will be recorded when they clock on or off. You'll also be able to restrict clocking unless staff are within a certain radius of a specified location of work.

  • Check in on your team from wherever you are

  • Compare expected hours with actual performed hours

real time time and attendance reporting

Here to help you work smarter

timesheets software

At Microkeeper, we get out of bed every morning to make workforce administration an easy and streamlined process for all Australian businesses.

Our time and attendance tools integrate directly with Core HR, Rostering and Payroll, so you can manage all employee contact points in one application. So, why would you pay for 4 different systems, when one will do?

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Time and attendance tracking that generates accurate timesheets

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