Harvest the benefits of Microkeeper
for your Agribusiness

Customisable rostering

Optimise your workforce scheduling. Manage crews, allocate resources, and adjust schedules based on crop cycles and labour requirements.

agriculture payroll and hr software

Partnering with Microkeeper moved the dial straightaway. It's all about scaling and efficiency.

Julien, CFO Fresh Select

agriculture payroll and hr software
agriculture payroll and hr software

Flexible time and attendance

Track employee hours, breaks, and field activities seamlessly with our intuitive time and attendance tracking tools, optimised for the unique needs of the agribusiness environment.

agriculture payroll and hr software

We are farming on properties far away from Werribee where we didn’t have a clocking terminal or even access to mains power. So, we used Microkeeper’s geographical clocking option and it has proved to be very successful.

Julien, CFO Fresh Select

Efficient payroll processing

Automate payroll calculations ensuring accuracy and compliance with agribusiness industry regulations and standards.

agriculture payroll and hr software

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Having a large workforce today, we're able to use the data collected through Microkeeper to easily produce payslips, show rates of pay, and access historical records of clocking on and off. The quality and format of the data, also allows our business analyst to utilise the data for a multitude of management reports and analysis. It has structurally shifted the capability of our company in this space

Fresh SelectJulien, CFO