VEVO Checks have landed at Microkeeper

September 29, 2022
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Say goodbye to manual VEVO Checks!

Microkeeper does the VEVO Check, analyses the response and flags any issues for both existing staff and new staff during onboarding.


One of the many things highlighted by the pandemic was Australia’s reliance on foreign workers. Over the previous few years travel restrictions have contributed to a nationwide labour shortage, with many industries including trades, hospitality and tourism, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology affected.

As we slowly return to a post-pandemic ‘normal’ with borders reopening and the steady stream of working holiday makers and student visa holders flowing back into the country, the remaining challenges Australian employers face are ensuring they stay up to date and comply with foreign workers' right to work.  

At times a daunting and time consuming task, VEVO checks can be hard as an employer to keep up with, especially if you have a large, fluctuating or seasonal workforce. However it's something that can't be ignored with detrimental penalties (and publicity) accompanying failure to comply.

That's why we have incorporated VEVO Checks into Microkeeper. This latest feature is designed to keep you compliant at the lowest price possible.

What is a VEVO Check?

A VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) Check examines the working rights of non-Australian citizens, foreign nationals or people with limited working Visas.

The checks are a requirement of an employer to ensure staff have the right to work in Australia.

There can be heavy penalties for employers who employ people illegally.

How does it work?

The staff complete the required fields during staff onboarding.

Microkeeper connects via API to the Department of Home Affairs to do a VEVO Check.

Microkeeper stores the response including:

  • Visa Grant Date
  • Visa Expiry Date
  • Conditions
  • Visa Type, etc.

Microkeeper analyses the responses to determine if an employee has a right to work in Australia.

The employer can review the VEVO Checks and take actions accordingly.

Microkeeper will continue to monitor staff as required and flag any issues, like a change in Visa status or an expiry reached.

What do VEVO Checks cost?

VEVO Checks cost $2 per check + GST.

If the employee is eligible, a VEVO Check is performed during employee onboarding or if upper management adds in a VEVO Check.

For employer compliance, some Visas are required to be checked periodically, e.g. every three months. Microkeeper automatically does these checks, therefore some staff will have four checks per year, while others will have one.

Microkeeper will not perform unnecessary checks, we will only do VEVO Checks as required to keep an employer complaint.

Why are VEVO Checks easier in Microkeeper?

Simpler to use

As compared with the government app 'VEVO Check' the Visa grant notice number (reference number - allocated on workers visa) is not required. It just requires a passport number, nationality and date of birth.  


You don't need to use a separate service and manually chase up employees or collate data.


The cost is built into your existing Microkeeper subscription. At $2 (plus GST) per VEVO check you will only pay for exactly what you use, when required (not an ongoing expense).


Data is incorporated into existing onboarding processes and can be completed easily by an employee when first hired so you can be confident straight away they have the right to work and can roster accordingly.

Stay compliant

As data is continually monitored you can ensure you stay compliant, without anything slipping through the cracks (expired Visas etc.) and without having to remember to continually check manually.

Want to learn more?

Microkeeper has a guide for VEVO Checks or go to HR > VEVO Checks and have a play.

If you wish to turn this feature off go to the Global Settings.

As of late Septemeber 2022 VEVO Checks will be on by default. Usage in October will be free of charge.
Billing will commence in December for November's usage.


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