The Ultimate Payroll Partnership

Microkeeper has teamed up with My Rewards to bring you an exciting new feature for your payroll platform. With My Rewards, you can take your employee experience to exhilarating heights while simplifying your payroll process.

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A world of possibilites

The collaboration between Microkeeper and My Rewards opens up a world of possibilities for employers and employees. These are some of the key benefits you can look forward to:

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Enhanced Employee Engagement

Boost employees' team spirit and motivation by providing them with exciting rewards and perks.

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Increased Employee Retention

Create a more attractive workplace environment with a comprehensive rewards program, reducing the risk of turnover.

Streamlined Payroll Integration

Enjoy a seamless experience and manage your Payroll and Rewards program, all in one place.

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Your favorite stores

With more than 4,500+ global, national and local suppliers, My Rewards includes a wide range of categories and offers from which your employees can choose from.

... and much more!


Savings everyday


This is Mary

Mary gets movie tickets for $19 each.

With My Rewards she saves $7.50 per ticket.

Mary goes to the movies every week now.



Per employee / Per month

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Access to all benefits and rewards

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Free Trial Period until Nov 1st.

Get started

This is Mike

Mike spends $100 in groceries per week

That $5200 a year

With My Rewards he gets 10% in his groceries every time.

Mike saves $520 a year.

The My Rewards feature is located in your Global Settings Page, under System Settings.

All accounts have been automatically opted-in for the Free Trial.
If you don’t wish your business to be part of the Trial, make sure to choose the My Rewards - No staff access option.

Once the Free Trial is over, all accounts will automatically be opted-in to the My Rewards - Full Staff Access (50c/Employee/Month) option.

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As easy as it is

Your rewards a click away

All employees, whose business account is opted-in for My Rewards, will have access to it through their Employee Console Page. They can access My Rewards from their desktops, or their Microkeeper App.

My Rewards benefit screenMy Rewards benefits
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Employee Profile

Each employee will have their own profile in My Rewards, where all the information on their savings and orders will be stored.

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Checkout Process

The checkout process is held on My Rewards, or the supplier’s website. Full instructions are given to redeem the benefit.

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Rewards limit

Employees can use as many rewards as they want without any restrictions.

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