Microkeeper is partnering with Beam

April 3, 2024
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We are excited to announce that Microkeeper is partnering with Beam to bring enhanced super payment capabilities to our users.

Starting March 2024, current and new accounts will have the option to seamlessly integrate Beam into their payroll software, revolutionising the way super contributions are managed.

With the Beam integration, Microkeeper users can experience a streamlined approach to managing super contributions easily from within their existing Microkeeper accounts. Transitioning to Beam is simple and hassle-free, offering a host of benefits designed to lighten your workload and improve efficiency.

Simplified workflow management

Beam is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, whether you run a small business or a large enterprise. Say goodbye to managing super obligations across multiple platforms and hello to centralised management within Microkeeper's payroll software.

Real-time error management

Forget about the headache of manual error detection. Beam's built-in error management system provides real-time alerts, allowing you to identify and rectify mistakes before submitting payments. With upfront data validation, you can trust that your super payments are accurate and error-free.

Enhanced security measures

Rest easy knowing that Beam prioritises privacy and security. With multiple layers of protection in place, including robust privacy protocols and safeguarding employee information, Beam offers peace of mind with every transaction.

Automated administration

Streamline your administrative tasks with Beam's all-in-one experience. From automatic calculation and tracking of super contributions to the ability to pay multiple employees across various super funds in a single transaction, Beam simplifies the super payment process for employers of all sizes.

Compliance made easy

Beam takes the complexity out of compliance by centralizing super payments tracking. Access comprehensive payment history with ease, ensuring that you stay on top of you super obligations effortlessly.

Transitioning to Beam for super payments is not only beneficial but also seamless. With a user-friendly interface and dedicated support from both Beam and Microkeeper, making the switch doesn't get much easier. Plus, with the end of the financial year approaching, now is the perfect time to make the transition and take advantage of the resources available to ensure a smooth switch.

Check out these guides and FAQ's to start your transition.

Please Note: SuperChoice will be discontinued by June 30, 2024.

*You can still make the previous year's super payment in SuperChoice.


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