Enhance Employee Satisfaction & Retention

April 27, 2023
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As a retail company, your employee satisfaction and retention are essential for your success. High turnover rates can have a significant negative impact on team morale, productivity, and costs. To help you address these challenges, Microkeeper offers all-in-one HR management software that can improve your employee engagement and retention in multiple ways. In this blog post, we'll explore how Microkeeper's HR, Payroll, and Rostering Software can support you in engaging employees from onboarding to scheduling, and payroll management.

Engage Your Employees from the Start

The onboarding process is critical for new employees to feel welcome and become productive team members quickly. Microkeeper's HR software can help streamline your onboarding process by automating paperwork, providing training modules, and assigning tasks for new employees to complete before starting work.

By engaging your employees from the start, you can create a supportive environment that values your employees and increases the likelihood of their long-term commitment to the company. In fact, a Harvard Business Review found that a great onboarding process will improve new employee’s productivity on 65%, and a Glassdoor's survey found that a strong onboarding process can improve employee retention to 82%.

Timely Payroll with Microkeeper's Payroll Software

Late or inaccurate payments can create financial stress and erode trust between you and your employees, which can lead to high turnover rates. Microkeeper's Payroll Software can help you avoid these issues by automating FairWork award interpretation, generating accurate payslips that become available automatically for your employees, processing superannuation contributions in one click, and more.

By managing timesheets and payroll in a single place, you can ensure that your employees are paid on time and accurately, and that you stay compliant with employment laws and regulations. You will build trust with your employees and reduce the likelihood of turnover.

Effective Scheduling with Microkeeper's Rostering Software

Creating and managing employee schedules can be stressful and frustrating for retail employees, especially if they feel like they have no control over their schedule. Microkeeper's Rostering Software can help you create and manage employee schedules that are fair, transparent, and flexible.

Each staff member can update their availability in their own Employee Console and apply for leave online, making it easier for you to allocate resources effectively.

Microkeeper allows you to release unassigned shifts to your team and let them bid on shifts based on their availability and interest. You can even choose from different parameters like budgets, experience, or first come, first served.

By empowering your employees to have more control over their work schedules, you can optimise staffing levels, reduce labor costs, and create a positive work environment that supports long-term success for your company.

Microkeeper's HR, Payroll, and Rostering Software can play a critical role in improving employee satisfaction and retention in retail companies. By engaging employees from their onboarding, ensuring timely and accurate payroll, and implementing effective rostering practices, you can create a positive work environment that supports long-term success for your company.

Improve your retail workforce's satisfaction and retention with Microkeeper's all-in-one software solution.


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