Access Control now more flexible

May 10, 2023
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The Employee Profile - Access Control, has been split into two area, which allows HR to access the Employee Clocking options

The Employee Profile - Super Details, has been split into two area, which allows HR to access the Super Fund details

Key Takeaway

Users can now be provide with access to areas without including sensitive financial data.

New Access Control option

We have added a new Access Control option called: New Add/Edit Employee

Managing Down

Managers with access to Add/Edit Employees, can not edit the Employee Profile for user that have access to Add/Edit Employees or Payroll or Setting.

This means managers only have access to staff that have less access than them selves.

Full Explanation

We're making some changes to make Access Control more flexible and with higher configurability.

Access to some areas will now be controlled by combining two or more different access fields.

The new approach means the area can have multiple views depending on what the user has access to.

This table shows the old and new requirements needed to gain access to these areas:

Old New
Reports - Financials Reports Reports and Payroll
Reports - Timesheet Reports Reports and Timesheet
Reports - Roster Reports Reports and Roster
Reports - Entitlements Reports Reports and Leave
Employee Profile - Financials Settings Add/Edit Employees and Payroll - Read Only
Employee Profile - Access Control Settings Settings and Payroll - Read Only
Employee Profile - Remainder Settings Add/Edit Employees

Combining Payroll with other options is now the key way to provide access to sensitive financial information.


Groups can be limited to different areas:

Group Control Group Usage Access required to add staff
All Used everywhere Settings, Payroll - Read Only
Payroll Used in the payroll modules Settings, Payroll - Read Only
Rosters Used in non payroll modules Settings, Rosters
Self Managed Staff can select the Groups they want to be in No access required

When viewing the Employee Profile only staff with access to Payroll, will be able to access a Group set to either All or Payroll.

Middle management can now access the Employee Profile, without seeing payroll information or putting staff in payroll specific groups, they will only have access to Groups with Access set to Rosters.


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